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Hanseatic Underwriters is pleased to confirm the renewal of its P&I insurance consortium with effect from 1 April 2016. We welcome the addition of Antares to continue our policy of providing class-leading, 100% Lloyds A+ rated cover.

A+ rated 100% Lloyd’s security

The Hanseatic P&I insurance consortium consists entirely of strong and strictly S&P A+ rated Lloyd’s syndicates reflecting the increasingly diverse and international portfolio of Hanseatic P&I and its commitment to the highest possible standards of security and coverage.


We herewith cordially welcome our new consortium member, Antares syndicate (AUL 1274). We look forward to a successful cooperation with them and our long-term consortium partners from the Lloyd’s market.

Limit up to 500m

Furthermore, Hanseatic P&I continues to be supported by Allianz (AGCS – S&P rating AA) and Lloyd’s & London market security to provide our assureds with first class cover up to a limit of USD 500m.