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Once again this year, the team of Hanseatic Underwriters welcomed more than 200 guests from all areas of shipping and the insurance market with its annual Summer Lounge.

Hamburg, 6 September 2018 – The increasingly international guests used the informal atmosphere with almost perfect late summer weather for professional exchange and maritime gossip.

During the brief welcome of the guests, the managing directors Captain Bert Wardetzki and Tobias Braun were able to report on another year of continuous positive developments. In addition to the organic growth of the insurance portfolio, a particularly large number of projects beyond day-to-day business had to be implemented last year.

Topics such as the advancing digitalization of the industry, the GDPR and the upcoming Brexit have been constructively pushed forward in recent months. Hanseatic Underwriters can also rely on the “uncomplicated and fast support of the insurance partners from the London market and Lloyds” for these projects, says Tobias Braun later in the evening.

Guests enjoyed the view directly by the banks of the Elbe river

More than 200 guests enjoyed a late summer evening at the 12th German P&I Summer Lounge hosted by Hanseatic Underwriters.

Managing Directors Bert Wardetzki and Tobias Braun

Managing Directors Bert Wardetzki and Tobias Braun

And the preparations at Hanseatic Underwriters for the upcoming Brexit are also almost complete. The policyholders of Hanseatic P&I can therefore lean back and relax in this respect, despite the complexity of the matter. This was also discussed in good conversations directly with the underwriters from London and clients and brokers present during the course of the evening.

So the guests exchanged business cards and market news with live music and at the barbecue buffet until well after midnight. Many praised the event again for the successful mix of participants and topics. And quite a few said goodbye with the words: “Next year we’ll be happy to return and celebrate like this again!”