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Fixed Premium P&I With A-Rated Security - Hanseatic P&I


Protection & Indemnity

for Shipowners, Charterers and Inland Craft

At a Glance

Shipowner‘s and Charterer‘s Liability for seagoing vessels and inland crafts.

Up to USD 500,000,000 limit according to international P&I standards.

Strong security through a consortium with strictly A+ rated members.

For Europe, Far East, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), East Europe, CIS and the Baltic States

“Made in Germany”. Wordwide services with a traditional German approach to business, lean structures and competitive prices.

Fixed premium – no additional calls. At the signing of the contract you know your final costs.


Security Structure

For the first USD 50,000,000 of cover, clients of Hanseatic Underwriters’ Protection and Indemnity products enjoy the reliability and financial strength of fully A+ rated leading Lloyd’s of London marine syndicates.

The Hanseatic P&I consortium consists of following long-term experienced and international established marine insurance syndicates. All of our partners are first-class, Standard & Poor’s A+ rated and successfully providing excellent P&I cover for the European and international markets since decades.


Antares (AUL 1274)

Furthermore, Hanseatic P&I is strongly supported by Allianz (AGCS – S&P rating AA) and Lloyd’s & London market security to provide our assureds with first class cover up to a limit of USD 500m.

Security Structure of Hanseatic P&I (w.e.f. 1 October 2018)

In certain markets, the consortium Hanseatic P&I is fronted by long-established and well-capitalised local insurance companies based on country-specific rules.

Customised, reliable & seaworthy cover for







Shipowner’s Liability

Operating a vessel requires solid and reliable protection to cope with the risks involved. P&I insurance covers the third party liabilities of shipowners and, unlike other classic insurance covers like H&M, LoH etc., comprises a wide range of perils.

Hanseatic P&I Shipowner’s Liability offers shipowners full third party liability coverage in line with the needs of this very specific business.



Charterer’s Liability

Hanseatic P&I Charterer‘s Liability offers classic P&I protection including the typical perils of charter circumstances like, amongst others, “damage to hull” which covers any damage to or loss of a chartered vessel and is therefore especially important for the charterer.

A shortfall of cover – especially for the cargo claim liability in case the charterer issues his own Bills of Lading – may lead to considerable costs and should be avoided by all means.



Inland Craft Liability

Hanseatic P&I for Inland Craft is tailor-made for owners, charterers and shipyards in the very specific business of inland navigation and for the units they use.

The operation of river vessels does not only require special expertise to fulfill the manifold requirements, but particularly also solid and reliable protection to cope with any risk involved. Hanseatic P&I for Inland Craft covers the costs, expenses and damages connected with legal and contractual liability towards third parties.