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Freight, Demurrage & Defence

for Shipowners and Charterers

At A Glance

Coverage for legal services, loss prevention, claims assistance and cost containment.

General limits of up to USD 2,000,000.

Strong security through a consortium with strictly A+ rated members.

Fully compatible with Hanseatic P&I cover. But also available as entirely independent stand-alone cover.

“Made in Germany”. Wordwide services with a traditional German approch to business, lean structures and competitive prices.

Fixed, mostly annual, premium – No additional calls. At the signing of the contract you know your final costs.

Security Structure

Up to USD 2,000,000 of cover, clients of Hanseatic Underwriters’ Freight, Demurrage and Defence products enjoy the reliability and financial strength of fully A+ rated leading Lloyd’s of London marine syndicates.

The Hanseatic Defence consortium consists of following long-term experienced and international established marine insurance syndicates. All of our partners are first-class, Standard & Poor’s A+ rated and successfully providing excellent P&I cover for the European and international markets since decades.

Antares (AUL 1274)

Security Structure of Hanseatic Defence (w.e.f. 1 October 2018)





FD&D – Customised for the shipping industry

Tailor-made for the shipping industry, Hanseatic Defence covers disputes between charter parties (such as off-hire, withdrawal, speed and performance claims, laytime and demurrage) and disputes arising from other freight contract issues, disputes with agents, disputes in respect of sale and purchase of second-hand tonnage or new-buildings and repairs, and disputes with Hull and Machinery, Loss of Hire and/or War Risk Underwriters or P&I Insurers.

Whether you are seeking to recover sums which are due to you or contesting claims which have been wrongly raised against you in respect of vessels insured, Hanseatic Defence ensures that you will receive the prompt and practical legal advice you need to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible – anywhere in the world.

Extended Cover

Against additional premium and by special agreement the cover can be extended to
  • disputes relating to shipbuilding and sales & purchase contracts
  • criminal and administrative offence proceedings against the Assured unless they result from intentional misconduct

Cover Exclusions

Excluded – amongst others – are
  • claims with a dispute amount of less than USD 7,500
  • claims in respect of which the Assured is or could have been covered by any other insurance contract, e.g. P&I Insurance