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Mutuality scrutinized

On occasion of a P&I seminar hosted by insurance broker Heinrich Elbracht, Hanseatic P&I’s Director Claims Peter Wölk and other P&I experts discussed market developments towards fixed premium providers and questioned the concept of mutuality.

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German P&I extends global reach

“Hamburg-based Hanseatic Underwriters has managed to position itself over the past decade as one of the leading providers in the growing niche segment of fixed-premium liability cover for shipowners.”

That is what author Michael Hollmann wrote in the current issue of IHS Maritime Fairplay.

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Strong demand for P&I »made in Germany«

On the occasion of Hanseatic P&I’s 10th anniversary Managing Directors Bert Wardetzki and Tobias Braun outlined the strong development of Hanseatic P&I in the past and the ongoing demand for P&I »made in Germany«. Download full german article published in »Hansa International Maritime Journal«.

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