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ZAM As Managers

The Company Behind Hanseatic Underwriters™

The Managers, proud members of the successful marine insurance and reinsurance service provider group Zeller Associates, have built up a reputation as a competent and trustworthy partner for individual and solid response in underwriting, claims and service matters for shipowners and charterers and their vessels operating inland, coastwise or on the high seas – customized, reliable and seaworthy! Try it!

Dr. Harald Zeller

Managing Partner, Zeller Associates Management Services GmbH

Our Objective

ZAM – Zeller Associates Management Services has been the specialised insurance management unit of the Zeller Associates Group dedicated to offering outsourcing solutions for underwriting, claims and administration tasks of the insurance industry since 1998.

We focus mainly on Marine, which historically is one of the most complex areas of insurance which demands specialist underwriting in order to achieve satisfying results.

Our objective is to provide a professional service on an international level but with local expertise as regards assessing, managing and covering standard and special risks.

Part Of The ZA Group

ZAM belongs to the Zeller Associates Group, which in turn is owned by its own Senior Management, and it is therefore independent from any other organisation or entity within the Risk, Insurance and Reinsurance Industry.

The ZA Group is an independent provider of risk related and insurance services mainly for shipping, trade and transport, but is also engaged in other specialist areas such as the cruise and tourism industry.

Combining the in-depth experience of its employees and its worldwide network of offices, the global nature of risks and insurance business is fully “covered” by the ZA Group.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of many deep sea master mariners, insurance experts, ex-correspondents, lawyers and marine engineers who are collectively responsible for carrying out the strategic aims of operation and developing the insurances entrusted to ZAM.

Worldwide Network

Combining our team’s skills and technical expertise with our worldwide network of own correspondents available in every major harbour in the world, ZAM here provides a unique and exclusive service with highly professional standards “made in Germany”.